The winged beasts of the air are generally considered delightful creatures, but when they start nesting in your home or workplace you could be putting yourself in danger from the many bacterial and fungal diseases that birds can carry, not to mention the infections that lurk in their droppings.

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Danger from Droppings

Direct contact with bird droppings sounds bad, and it is. However bird faeces dry out and become airborne, and breathing them in can create all kinds of problems, including ailments of the respiratory tract. In 2011, a woman from Canada contracted an infection that invaded her brain and her spine from pigeon droppings. The result was incurable blindness.

Diseases that can result from bird droppings include hiptoplasmosis, a disease of the airways caused by a fungus that can be fatal. Chlamydiosis or psittacosis is an infection of the lungs, with a fever, coughing, headache and difficulty in breathing, caused by a bird parasite. Cryptococcosis can affect the lungs and even the central nervous system, and is the result of a yeast harboured within the droppings of starlings and pigeons. Pigeons, along with sparrows and starlings, can also be carriers of potentially fatal salmonella.

This report from the government’s Heath and Safety Executive contains information about how, for example, construction workers must be protected from the risks of contamination with bird faeces.

Other Nuisances

While there are plenty of diseases that can result from what birds carry on the inside of their bodies, their exteriors pose a threat too. There are at least 50 varieties of parasite that exist on or near the skin of birds. These can include bed bugs, lice, worms and ticks. Additionally, their feeding and nesting attracts other undesirables such as insects, rats, snakes and mice. If the problem is really bad, it may be worthwhile for everyone’s health to call in nuisance bird management services.

If you need to know more about nuisance bird management services it would be a good idea to consult experts such as

Birds deserve respect, but they, and humans, are much better off when they remain in their natural environment. While it can be soothing to watch birds flying around, allowing them to nest in your roof or in some part of your office could prove to be a fatal move.


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