Garages are a popular feature when it comes to buying property, so it’s perhaps no surprise that it is one of the first improvements people think about making if they have enough space.

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What you might find surprising is that most garages aren’t actually used to store cars. Part of the reason for this is that modern cars are larger than their 1950s and 1960s counterparts, so they may simply not fit. Garages are often used for storage or for a range of domestic and hobby purposes.

One of the reasons people do not use their garage effectively could be because the main door is awkward, damaged or stuck. Installing a new garage door may seem like a major undertaking, but it often ends up being an easier job than you think.

Types of door

In the UK, the most common type of garage door is the up-and-over type, which consists of a single panel that pivots up out of the way. There are also sectional doors that move up and down on rollers fitted at either side. Older properties may have conventional hinged doors, and people often seek to replace these with the modern variety.

If your existing door has problems that you don’t fancy tackling yourself, you could consult a
London garage door repairs specialist such as for advice. Before ordering a new door, it is vital to measure the opening carefully and ensure that you get one that is suitable for your needs.


The latest up-and-over doors often come pre-assembled with a sub-frame. This makes fitting easy as you just need to fix the frame in place, remove the travel bolts, and the door is ready to go with no worries about tensioning springs. Doors are usually made of steel for durability, and they can be fitted for automatic operation if you prefer.

Sectional doors need to be assembled on site, tracks are fitted vertically on either side of the doorway and horizontally back into the garage to give the door smooth operation, and the door panels are then slotted into these. Sectional doors offer different styles and finishes but are less popular in the UK.

Roller doors are made up of narrow horizontal slats that give a neat look, but they do require enough space above the door opening to accommodate the roller mechanism.

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