Working from home is an attractive option for many workers. The high cost of commuting coupled with overcrowded and delayed trains have meant more employees want to set up an office from home. About four million British workers are considered home workers, according to an ONS report. Some will report into the office one or two days a week or month while others work solely from their home. The temptation is to work longer hours which is why it is important to create a special space which you can walk away from at the end of the day.

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Small spaces in your home

You may be able to convert the cupboard under the stairs into your office with a small desk for your laptop, a foldaway chair, small amount of shelving and a light. The hallway or landing is another area which can fit in a slim desk for working.

Standing room only

You can also get ‘on-trend’ with a standing desk, taking up much less floor space than a desk you sit at. It’s also healthier to stand rather than sit for a long time so you’ll be doing yourself some good too. All you will need is a breakfast bar or high console unit for your computer and you are good to go –

Creating your own office

If you need more space, then converting the box room or attic into your office would be worthwhile. This also means you can mentally prepare for work by creating a special room just for work. You can also shut the door behind you at the end of the day. If the box room is still needed as a spare bedroom, think about getting a pull-down table for working on. If you have a garden, you could create a studio and particularly handy if you have children at home and need some privacy or peace. Garden studios can come in all sizes to fit in with your garden. You can choose garden studios to suit many budgets from companies like this

You will need to factor in the cost of putting in electricity but you should be able to pick up the wifi signal from your house for the internet. Also, it is best to check if you need planning permission at all.

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