There are many of us who might secretly (or not so secretly) long to be just like James Bond. So we may not have the beautiful women and the Aston  Martins but we can have the pretty amazing spy gadgets. There is all manner of sneaky spy wear available these days and even if we don’t have a reason to use them, it can be awesome just to play with them! Here are a few good ones for all you amateur 007s out there:

The spy pen – this pen holds a tiny camera enabling you to gather evidence while you innocently write things down. Inside the ‘normal’ looking pen is a 2.8mm wide angled camera, a microSD card slot and microphone for capturing all those moments and conversations that were thought to be private. For a more obvious Body Worn Camera like the Police use, visit

Keysafe Pro – ever wanted to log on to another user’s PC but can’t get past the password stage? This is a fiendish little device that fixes to a computer and records the sequence of keys pressed on a keyboard. No need to interrogate your suspect when you can log in and sneak around yourself. Strictly for fun and nothing illegal though, thank you 007.

Executive Kit Pen Scanner – time is running out and you need to remember details on a document? A scanner would be good but not exactly portable. Well, now you can have a scanner as small as a pen. This pen size document scanner doesn’t even need a computer to do its job.

Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier – this gizmo allows you to eavesdrop on a conversation from 20 feet away. The sounds can be amplified by 50 decibels so even whispering can be picked up with clarity.

Google Project Glass – wearable computers have arrived and Q would be proud of this one. This is a computer and camera built into a pair of glasses. It’s not exactly covert but we imagine that Bond could have disguised it somehow.

Digital Night Vision monocular – why eat a load of carrots when you could pick up one of these beauties instead for a mere £145. This device is super effective at removing darkness and enabling you see as clear as day – well almost! Lighter than a bag of vegetables too.

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Byte Mini Global GPS tracker – need to know where someone’s heading? Following someone is just too risky so this mini device does all that hard work for you. Plant it and then sit back and watch your target’s movements in comfort back at MI6.

Covert Air Freshener Camera Unit – my personal favourite is this camera that looks like a run of the mill, everyday air freshener. This gadget provides remote video monitoring over 2G and 3G networks, meaning you can watch events unfold from your mobile. It also doubles up as a sensor and will start a video call when someone walks past it. Sadly, the only downside it that it doesn’t smell pretty.

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