So you want to throw a party for a grown up? It’s not always easy to come up with original adult themed ideas for parties as we usually associate them with children. Gone are the days of easily decorating a room with pink princess balloons or buying in a Spiderman cake. Adult parties need a little bit more creativity to get everyone in the mood. Here are a few fun ideas for a themed party for any occasion:

  1. Most people over the age of 30 will have some fond memories of the eighties so why not throw an eighties themed bash? Music must be strictly eighties pop and everyone must come decked out in some eighties splendour such as leg warmers, shoulder pads or just about anything as long as it’s neon. Maybe find some retro sweets online and put them out in bowls so people can reminisce about how everything tasted better back then. Don’t forget to crack open a bottle of Blue Nun too, which was big in the eighties. For Online wine merchants in Northern Ireland, visit
  2. If you have a bit time to prepare then a Who Dunnit Clue Party is a fun idea for entertaining your guests with a mini murder mystery challenge. Prepare props, a murder weapon and even a script if you’re feeling creative. If you put plenty of thought into it, it can be a huge success and really engage all your guests.
  3. Toga Party – this is a classic theme for a get together as everyone must wear a toga. Serve drinks in large chalices (plastic is fine and cheaper). The toga theme is quite popular which makes it easier for you to find decorations and party supplies online.

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  1. A Mexican Fiesta is guaranteed to be bright, cheerful and noisy with a real focus on fun, flavourful food. Set up your own unique margarita bar with different varieties of tequila and of course, don’t forget to put up a pinata. Play some Mexican, Latin style music and have super bright decorations featuring oranges, greens, blues, reds and yellows.
  2. For a summer party, creating a summer luau will look amazing. This idea will work especially well if you’re holding your bash in the garden. Food should be light and include lots of fresh fruit and tropical flavours. Serve tropical drinks at your own bar and if you can create the look of serving drinks in coconuts with little umbrellas then even better. The key to decorating for this theme is to feature plenty of flowers, tiki torches and lots of twinkly lights. Encourage your guests to wear a Lei Garland and/or hula skirt.
  3. Classic Art Deco party – black and white is a relatively easy theme to carry off and is inspired by elegance, art deco and jazz influences of the 1940’s. This might be a fantastic idea for a party for an older person. You could even go Hollywood with this one and encourage Little Black Dresses and White Tux jackets for the men.
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