Hygge is a Danish craze that has taken the world by storm lately. In the fast-paced nature of the world we live in, it centres around the contentment we can achieve by taking pleasure in the simple things in life.

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A report in The Independent also focuses on the importance of making the ordinary special by ritualising simple daily activities and creating a cosy ambience in your home. Hygge isn’t something you can buy, but there are ways that you can style a beautiful house that will allow the concept to flourish.

Sound and Temperature Control

In order to embrace a hygge lifestyle, you have to be comfortable and relaxed. It’s hard to do that if your home is too cold, too hot or too noisy. These factors will impact your mood without your even noticing. Make sure your home is warm and cosy with good acoustics.

A Personal Environment

Hygge is personal to you, so don’t try too hard to emulate styles you may see in magazines or online. By all means, gather inspiration but find the hygge that is right for you. This means incorporating visual props of your past and personality into your home – books, photographs, heritage pieces can be used alongside your furniture to make a hygge environment that truly reflects you.

Less Clutter

They say a cluttered home creates a cluttered mind, and that’s not what hygge is about. Keep your spaces open and airy. Utilise the space that you do have thoughtfully and you will find you’re able to create different atmospheres within the space.

Accessorize Well

Accessories play a big part n a hygge lifestyle and should be chosen thoughtfully. Candles are a must-have, and experts warn against using too much plastic in your decor. Instead, opt for warm, neutral rugs to create a calming ambiance.

Let There Be Light

Good-quality mood lighting can transform a room – see http://reliable-remodeler.com/rooms/ for more information. As mentioned, candle light is the ultimate relaxation tool in chill-out areas of the home. Well-placed dining or reading lights are also essential.


Music is the perfect tool for creating alternative atmospheres, but visible electronics can kill the vibe. Try to conceal your stereo behind some furniture so that you can enjoy the sweet sounds of music without being distracted by unsightly wiring.

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