Spa days and breaks are becoming increasingly popular and it’s an industry that’s currently booming. Modern life seems to get so stressful sometimes that it’s no wonder people are desperate to escape for a few hours of blissful relaxation. We all work very hard, whether it’s full time or parenting, or both so why shouldn’t we indulge ourselves occasionally with a massage, facial treatment or sauna?

In this digital age, it’s too easy to take our work home with us and as you become forever connected, it’s hard to take time out to just do nothing. This is not doing your stress levels any good at all, spending hours at a time staring at a bright screen. It’s also not so great for your eyesight either. Psychologically and physically this can lead us to the brink of burnout. A spa day then is the perfect antidote to all this. Turn off all devices, don a robe and escape for a few hours of unadulterated ‘you’ time.

If you suffer from stress, muscle tension or insomnia then a spa day might be more like medication and therapy for you than just a bit of fun. There are some serious health benefits from attending a spa regularly. If it’s not something you think that you can fit in very often then why not consider one for the following occasions:

A weekend break – if life is just too busy then plan ahead and try to save a weekend for visiting a spa. This is a nice idea as you then get an extra day to recuperate before Monday morning hits. Take someone special or a group of friends and indulge in some treatments such as mud baths, saunas and massages. Don’t forget to pack all your favourite beauty products so you can feel truly spoilt. For KLORANE shampoo with mango butter, visit

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Birthday – ask for a spa day as a gift. There are always loads of great offers and discounts for spa packages, especially during the quieter midweek period. Or treat a worn out loved one to a package as a lovely surprise gift. There are many different treatments available so they are sure to find something that they’d love to have or experience.

Anniversary – treat yourselves to a spa break as a way to congratulate yourselves on managing to stay such a great couple through all of life’s ups and downs. If your fella isn’t sure about strutting around in a robe and slippers then why not take him to a taster session first. Spend a day or afternoon at the spa and you guarantee that he’ll want to come back for more spoiling for a whole weekend next time.

Rehabilitation – spas are great for helping people who have received injuries for whatever reason. Relaxation is a proven method in aiding muscle injury and pain, as is spending time in a hydrotherapy pool. There will be professionally trained masseuses who will be able to offer specific methods to help work the muscles.

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