Climbing frames are a great way to entertain children outdoors and there are so many different options to choose from. Regardless of how young or old a child is, a wooden climbing fame is a wonderful attraction, and having one in your garden or local park will provide hours of amusement.

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Studies have shown that children prefer playing outdoors but that parents preferred to have them close to home. A climbing frame is therefore ideal, and this guide will help you determine which option best suits your requirements.

A Solid Choice

When it comes to choosing a climbing frame, wood is your best bet. Wooden play equipment is durable, versatile and it is long lasting, and you have the option to add accessories such as swings to it with ease.

Frames such as those available at will weather but won’t lose their structural integrity, and you can paint them fun colours, treat them with wood stain or order them to match your outdoor environment so they blend in seamlessly.

Pine or Cedar?

Most of the wood climbing frame options available are made fro either pine or cedar wood and each offers their own distinct attractions.

Cedar wood has wonderful natural characteristics and is strong, beautiful and doesn’t splinter easily, thanks to its dense composition. The lack of splinters makes it an excellent choice and the wood is also very durable, ensuring it lasts for years.

Pine also offers its own advantages, and it is incredibly easy to get hold of, and very cost effective. However pine is very soft and has to be pressure treated to ensure that it can withstand the demands of a climbing frame. Pine also splinters easily, and is often better used in swing sets or other items where children’s hands don’t come in to contact with it.

Planed or Round?

The choice between round or planed (sawn) wood is a big one, as it not only affects aesthetics, but the experience children will have on the climbing frame. Round wood sets are cheaper as the processing time is minimal, but they are not always as robust as sawn sets. The sawn sets are more aesthetically pleasing and less rustic, but they are more expensive and come with a greater number of accessories and features.

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