As influential as celebrities and style bloggers might be, they are certainly not the only thing that affect our clothing choices. When you opt for a particular pair of jeans or a specific style of jacket, there’s a lot more going on in your head than you may realise. Media and peer pressure do lend a hand but it could also be our emotions and memories that are affecting our decisions.

Many of our choices reflect the way we were raised and the things we were exposed to as a child. If someone you loved wore a particular shape or style of jacket, then you will be more naturally inclined towards the same shape or style. Many of the things we are drawn to come from a subconscious place and our choices are affected by our genetics just as our eye colour and mannerisms are. Clothing styles that we are emotionally attached to make us feel happy and safe. We quite often hold onto styles we adopted when we were at our happiest and that’s why many outfits can age people because they are, quite literally, stuck in the past.

Some of us may fear change. Quite a lot of people have only just started to wear skinny jeans, even though they’ve been around for almost a decade. Some young people will only be familiar with skinnies and may feel odd when bootcut comes back into fashion. The only way to overcome this fear of change is if we absolutely love and trust a brand so much that it convinces the consumer to try something new.  For Mens Farah Shirts, visit

Advertising does have a creeping effect on most us, whether we care to admit or not. Exposure is bound to have an effect as the longer we are exposed to something, the more likely you are to react towards it with positivity without really understanding why. After seeing a new fashion on a billboard a few times and seeing some people in the street wearing it, then the item gradually seeps from your subconscious into your conscious mind. Your mind is always picking up clues and signals from those who surround you.

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Turbulent times in our lives can also make us act more rashly when it comes fashion choices. A new job or a divorce can make us purchase things that would usually be out of our comfort zone. Clothes reflect our sense of self so if our lives are going through some serious upheaval then our wardrobe might too. This is the reason why teens can change style so rapidly as it takes time to find which tribe you belong to and feel comfortable with. As you grow older, your style reflects your life.

Self esteem also plays a large part in the choices we make. If you know a certain style or shape suits you then you’re more likely to gravitate towards it as you know you’ll both look and feel better. We can only be confident and communicate authentically, if we’re comfortable in our own skin and the garments we choose to cover this skin.

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